The Simplest Way to Make $100 a Day Online in 2018

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If you could make $100 a day online doing something you’re already doing, would you do it?

I really hope the answer is yes.

With the way that the Internet is evolving, it has become incredibly simple (not EASY, but SIMPLE) to make $100 a day online. In this article, I’ll tell you the best way to do it, and how.

What is the Simplest Way to Make $100 a Day Online?

Put simply: social media. If you’re young, you’re probably on some social medias, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Reddit.

Being on social media puts you at an unfair advantage. You already know how to use the platforms. And, if you spend a lot of time on them, you know what posts look good, what grabs your attention, and what’s most entertaining or informative.

But, how can social media make $100 a day online?

Since you know how to use the platforms, you also probably know what kind of actions get followers and engagement (likes, comments, etc.). Thus, I introduce you to the niche page.

What is a Niche Page?

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A niche page is a social media page that is based around a specific topic. For example, a niche Instagram page on fishing would probably post pictures and videos of fishing. Or, a niche Pinterest page on cooking would only pin articles and pictures about cooking.

Since you’re young and know how to build up an engaging following on social media platforms, these niche pages can be profitable for you. But how?

How to Monetize a Niche Page

Once you’ve built up a following on a social media page (if you don’t know how to, I’ll be posting articles on it in the future), you can use affiliate marketing to make money from it. Affiliate marketing is when you promote certain products and services, and the business who owns those products and services agrees to pay you a commission for every sale you get for them. Let me give you an example for it to make more sense.

Amazon, the largest eCommerce business in the world, has an affiliate program. You can apply for the program, and if you are accepted, you are given a special link you can share with other people to click through and buy whatever products you are promoting. If someone clicks through your link and buys the product, you get a cut of the sale.

For example, lets say you know a lot of people who love to work out, and you have this awesome pull-up bar you got from Amazon that you think those people would love. If you can somehow get those people to click your Amazon affiliate link and buy the pull-up bar, you will make money!

How to Use Affiliate Marketing with a Niche Page

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Now, let’s get back to how this connects to you. If you can build up a large following on any social media around a specific niche, and there’s products that people buy within that niche, then there’s also probably an affiliate program somewhere that you can apply to.

If you find products you can promote with an affiliate program, then you can share your specialized link with your followers, and then maybe some of them will be interested enough to buy what you are promoting!

As long as you’re promoting products that your audience would be interested in, then you will most likely make some money.

How do You Find Affiliate Programs?

You can find these affiliate programs related to your niche by going on Google and typing in “(your niche) affiliate programs.” This is a great place to start, but if you can’t find anything, don’t worry.

There’s two websites that help you find a lot of different affiliate programs. They are:

CJ Affiliate


Both sites are large databases of affiliate programs that help you find a program related to your niche.

Once you’ve found a program related to your niche, all you need to do is apply, and then start promoting your link on your niche page! If you have already built up a large enough audience, then there are bound to be people that want to buy the products you are promoting.


If you can build a large following on a social media platform around a certain niche, then you can start to make $100 a day online using affiliate marketing. Just remember, the products you promote must be related to your niche, and you can’t constantly spam them with your link.

It will take time to build, but eventually you can scale to $100 a day and beyond.

If you want to try this out and have any questions, leave a comment below!

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